The ATTO Digital is Simple. Complete. Creative Innovative.

Exactly what your business need


Our system integrates all kinds of infrastructure and any size of operation.
Responds at the especific necessity of customer service of each type of business, operation and application.
Put your operation to work with all channel of required service in minutes.


Continuous launch of new resourses for answer the dinamics business of your operation.

Main Functionalities

Below we will list some of the main functionalities about the ATTO system.

Multichannel Service

Chat, E-mail, Telephone, Social Media, others.

Automatic Dialer

Power Dialer, Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, Voice Torpedo Dialer, URA.

Multi-Skill Service

Intelligent Service, answer more customers with little agents.

Online Management

Online management through the web, do yourself.

Supervision on Real Time

Know in real time what your agents are doing and how they are serving your customers.


Source aftercare through phone or e-mail, quality monitoring in real time or through recording.

Digital Recording

Recording of phone calls, record the screen of the computers too.

Support Tools

API – Integration with thirt party systems, CRM – Customer relationship management and more.

About Us

We are a Brazilian company of complete digital solutions for Contact Centers. We offer innovations for billing, sales, customer service, retail, help desk, education, healthcare, telecom, public sector companies and several others. Our platform is available for On-Premises and Cloud environments.

The ATTO Digital platform is fully developed for 100% web access. With this facility the customer can manage and administer their call center from anywhere.

ATX - ATTO Experience

Give your customer a better customer service experience, show that you are ready to serve them through the many channels available. ATTO can offer a fully integrated business solution. seeking a new concept in service. With ATTO-OmniChannel, you reduce costs and streamline processes.


The ATTO Digital, allows you to create Active and Inbound IVRs with a variety of possibilities, such as capturing customer information, directing service to any campaign, and playing predefined audios or by TTS (text-to-speech). With a powerful tool, the customer can create a customer service portal using voice recognition functionality.

Nosso Agente Digital é uma poderosa solução que com simplicidade o cliente poderá criar fluxos de atendimento para todos os tipos de seguimento do mercado com por exemplo (Cobrança, Vendas, SAC e etc…)
ATTO-OmniChannel is a powerful solution to unify service channels and provide a better customer experience. With advanced technology, you will be able to automate and unify your service and in addition to achieving cost savings. The ATTO-OmniChannel solution already has all the features: Ura, Dialers, Digital Agent, Inbound and Outbound Channels, Chat and Chat-Bot, WhatsApp and WhatsApp-Bot.

ATTO Digital’s Speech Analytics solution can provide the customer with a better customer experience. This solution, accompanied by applied monitoring and follow-up, may provide better results in the quality of your business.

We have a highly qualified team ready to meet the needs of our customers.



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